Natatangi Ka, Ikaw Na!
(Poem dedicated to me by  Ate Cora Dasig
October 12,2014-Clergy Appreciation Day at COTR Zar.)

Neneng nene ka pa ng ika’y tawagin
Paglilingkod sa Panginoon ang naging gawain
Kulang pa ng karanasan sa larangan ng buhay
Subalit ang Panginoon,itinangi ka ngang tunay.

Kung baga sa baby ng ika’y awatin
Believers na may mga edad ang nakasama man din
May konting pasaway,ang iba’y malilimutin
Ngunit sa “living by faith” mo,ay namumunga narin.

Ginagabayan ka sa mga hakbangin
Sa dinaanang problema ng Iglesia’y hindi nagalanganin
Sa dami ng pagsubok akala ko’y tatanda narin (tulad ko)
Walang makakatuwang,kaya sa panalangin,ako’y tumulong din.

Sa biyaya ng Dios,may Albert na dumating
Kanyang nakatuwang at naging blessing din sa amin
Ngayo’y nanay ka na,mayroon ng Paul Aldaen
Natatangi ka ngang tunay,nawa’y patuloy kang pagpalain.


My worth

I have been comparing myself to others again. This is the path i have taken many times. I’m not good enough, I do not know enough, I do not have enough. But thank you Lord for shining light upon my life. My goodness exist because I have placed my faith in who You are and who I am in You. I know i will never be perfect by comparison.

Children of Light

1 Peter 2:9

New International Version (NIV)

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

As Christians, we have been called to live differently from those who are still in darkness. We have the responsibility to show up in the world by living a contrasting way of life. By showing that Christ really does make a difference in how we live our daily lives. Wherever we go we can be a positive influence to those who are still blinded by the enemy. But this is not an over night happening, usually it is a process as we seek to live out our lives each day. We have to want to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord. Figure out what pleases God and then do it. Be spiritually awake, our actions should reflect our faith. And intentionally produce fruits of goodness, righteousness, and truth.

Life Of Service

One of the great tragedies of  the world is people who live only for themselves. The whole world centers around them. Everything is measured on how it affects them. Their focus is on getting instead of giving. But the mark of a true followers of Christ are people who want God to use their lives for others. They have an outward focus.

When we allow God to build up our personal life, the whole body of Christ is built up. When we are working to build relationships, other Christians benefit. When we decide to let God use our life in service, the whole world profits. Our lives can mean something if we choose to live for something besides ourselves.

The Lord has not created us for nothing. He has created us to do some definite works. We have a mission in this world and in the life of others. Let us trust the Lord as we do His work.

same old path

Feeling miserable again. This is the path i have taken many times. The pain is killing me and I just don’t know how to deal with it. If only I have wings of a bird, then i’m out of here, away from all these miseries. I just want to go somewhere else where I can calm my heart and be at peace somehow. And there is no place i can think of where I can find perfect serenity but my HOME. My tears are bitter, my heart is cold, my mind is turmoiled.  : ‘ (

Better day

I made it through today because of God’s magnificent love. My heart is filled with praises for Him. He has planted the seed of hope in my heart.

And for those promises still unfolding in my life, I am in deep gratitude. I understand how His faithfulness is very evident when I hold on to Him and wait patiently for a better day.

I am certain that the day of breaking through will arrive – this hope carries me.